Disclaimer: This Acupressure Course is not for replacement of any ongoing medical treatment, if any. Consult registered physician for specific health concerns. Don’t stop medicine by self. Learning, practicing Acupressure is your/learner’s discretion. Any result/ benefit is not guaranteed by course Creator. Results vary individual to individual and on the precision of applying the right knowledge. For full benefits, Meet Acupressure practitioner face-to-face.
Section 1. Introduction of SuJok, Reflexology & TCM
Lecture 1: Introduction of Sujok
Lecture 2: Introduction of Reflexology
Lecture 3: Introduction of Yin-Yang, Qi
Lecture 4: Introduction of TCM Meridians
Lecture 5: Usage/scope of Acupressure
Lecture 6: Latest Clinical Study of Acupuncture/TCM Acupressure
Section 2: Basic Theory of TCM
Lecture 1: 5 developmental Division of Qi
Lecture 2: Emotions associated with 5 Elements
Lecture 3: 5 Shu points, Luo Points
Lecture 4: Front Mu points & Back Shu points
Lecture 5: Subjugation & anti-subjugation (through Grandmother, Grandson Point)
Section 3: How to apply/ practice Acupressure
Lecture 1: Manual method of Acupressure
Lecture 2: Colour Acupressure/ Sujok Colour Therapy
Lecture 3: Seed method
Lecture 4: Magnet
Lecture 5: Electric equipment/Vibrator – Massager
Section 3: Lifestyle associated pain n disorder
Management of headache; migraine
Management of cervical pain/ neck pain
Management of shoulder pain & frozen shoulder
Management of Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
Management of Arm pain; wrist pain
Back pain, hip pain, sciatica
Knee pain
Leg pain/ calf muscle pain
Heel pain
Joint pain, arthritis
Body pain in female
Pain due to muscle injury/gym/trauma
Section 4: Important precautions
Do’s and Don’ts
How to handle unexpected moments
Precaution in pregnancy
Precaution in infants & very old person
When to consult Traditional Physician
Section 5: Bonus tips
How to Breathe (Mindfulness & Meditation)

  1. Upright posture
  2. Conscious Eating as per 5 Elements
  3. Nap and Quality Sleep
  4. Directional alignment
  5. Preventive Acupressure to stay Healthy
  6. Time Acupressure
  7. Acu-Affirmation