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Reversing all disease by energy manipulation

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TCM Acupressure Course

Acupressure course for health lovers. Learn to work on your energy meridians.

What I do

Acupuncture treatment, meditation teaching, life coaching.

I Heal.

MBBS Doctor turned Acupuncturist, reverses all disease including so called incurable one by acupuncture / meridian acupressure.

I Coach.

I guide people to raise their consciousness through meditation and soul science – understanding of life purpose and positive thinking.

I Speak.

Conducting full day workshop on Meaning Of Life with practical sessions to assess the journey as well as emotional mastery.

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You have all the power

You are shaping your destiny by your every thought and emotion. Learn to master your emotions and thoughts production.


People getting cured by Acupuncture and Acupressure.


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My story

I have spent my childhood in rural Bihar. Graduated in Medical Science from Maharashtra University. As a MBBS Doctor, worked in Govt. Hospital at Delhi. I started regular practice of Meditation, in Class 11th. I have read hundreds of Spiritual Books. The Idea that, There are subtle Energy – Chakras and Meridians behind the Physical Body and, working upon it can reverse almost any dis-ease…was very fascinating for me. 

I learnt Sujok, TCM Acupressure and Acupuncture. I got very good results with them. Now, I am Full Time Acupuncturist. I also facilitate Meditation and Soul Science Training. My Mission is to Create Healthier Humanity. A world where everyone can take care of Health by themselves.


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Science of Healthy Living

Being Healthy and, Living a Healthy Life is quite easy, easier than most of us think. Just You need to understand the Science of Consciousness.

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HEAL Book: Summary, Review

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I HEAL through Meridian Qi Points using Needle/Magnet/Colours often with Ion Pumping Cord. It is japanese version of Acupuncture. We are Energy-Thought-Consciousness Beings. Energy can

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