Music Therapy as per Chakras

We all are Energy Beings. Behind the Physical Body, there is 7 Energy Centres also known as Chakras. For example, Back pain is imbalance of Swadhisthan Chakra. It can be reversed by Raag Yaman. on any musical instruments like Santoor, Sarod, Sitar, flute Now, Let’s understand Organ connections Chakra wise and, associated Raagas. Root Chakra मूलाधार […]

I coach -to attain Optimum Health and, Productive Life

Everyone wants to Live Good Quality of Life. but, often suffer range of physical, emotional, social problems. How to rise overcoming all hurdles? I coach one-to-one basis to resolve all issues. Personal Touch matters a lot, to practice all holistic practices. Hand Holding ensure the accountability and Integrity. Tools I use – 1) Meditation – […]