I coach -to attain Optimum Health and, Productive Life

Everyone wants to Live Good Quality of Life. but, often suffer range of physical, emotional, social problems. How to rise overcoming all hurdles?

I coach one-to-one basis to resolve all issues. Personal Touch matters a lot, to practice all holistic practices. Hand Holding ensure the accountability and Integrity.
Tools I use –
1) Meditation – to make mind peaceful. PEACE IS THE WAY.
2) Acupressure, Positive EFT – Program productive emotions n habits in the cells of the body.
3) Color Affirmation – Modified practice of world famous Louise L.Hay’s method.
4) Intuition Walking – We receive divine guidance continuously. Learn to Catch it.
5) Reading Dreams and Working with Nonphysical Friends

Meditation is a practice to relax the body and Mind. 15-30 min. practice can boost melatonin and serotonin levels tremendously. I recommend Classical Music, as per the understanding of Chakra, TCM emotions.

Focusing on productive Habits and behaviors – Doing what one love, needs courage. How to shift to them swiftly, is a art. Identifying time wasting habits, replacing them with positive, productive actions shall enrich the Life.

Doing right n precise Affirmation is helpful for that. Coupling Acupressure with Affirmation increases it’s efficiency to multi-fold.

There is Infinite Intelligence in this universe. We need to Tap it. Learn to Listen Intuition. Have courage to follow it. sometime, social mind interferes in reading intuition. Mentor can be helpful in such situation.

Dream are not casual affairs. It is gateway of subconscious interaction. Learn to identify subconscious patterns and Grow through it. Documentation, analysis and modifying action n behaviors according to it will skyrocket the growth of Life.

Duration: 3 Month. 30 min. online Video session each week. with daily App/Text/Telephonic support.
Charges: 30,000 Rs. Value you will receive is much beyond the monetary value, for sure.

Try one 15 min. session Online. Charges 1500/ – Book Now.


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