I Coach, to attain Optimum health… Physically, mentally, emotionally

Everyone wants to Live Good Quality of Life. but, often suffer range of physical, emotional, social problems. How to rise overcoming all hurdles?

I coach one-to-one basis to resolve all issues. Personal Touch matters a lot, to practice all holistic practices. Hand Holding ensure the accountability and Integrity.
Tools I use –
1) Meditation – to make mind peaceful. PEACE IS THE WAY.
2) Acupressure, Positive EFT – Program productive emotions n habits in the cells of the body.
3) Color Affirmation – Modified practice of world famous Louise L.Hay’s method.
4) Intuition Walking – We receive divine guidance continuously. Learn to Catch it.
5) Working with Nonphysical Friends

Duration: 3 Month.
Charges: 30,000 Rs. Value you will receive is much beyond the monetary value, for sure.


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