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Heal Book, companion Book to HEAL Documentary Film.

HEAL is an amazing Book, compiled by Kelly Noonan Gores.
First, it came as a Documentary Film, which is available on Netflix.

After watching Anita Moorjani’s survival story from terminal cancer, she gets inspired to make this documentary.
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Personal Beneficial Experience from Naturopathy:
At the age of 16-17, She suffered swollen lymph nodes in her neck. Medical doctors prescribed antibiotics, unsuccessfully. Even they did a biopsy to rule out malignancy. Her mother took her to a chiropractor, who recommended Apple Cider Vinegar 1-2 ounce for 8 days. It was resolved. She was surprised, Naturopathy detox is so effective.

Witnessing Reversal of terminal Kidney disease at the Meditation Class of Michael Beckwith by practicing Daily Gratitude ritual.

After interviewing ~20 stalwarts like Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Kelly Turner, Kelly Brogan, David Hamilton, Joan Borysenko etc.

Sharing Key Points. Chapter-wise.
1st Chapter. What is HEALTH?
Kelly quotes Merriam Webster Dictionary, Health is the condition of being sound in the body, mind & spirit;
absence of disease; a condition in which one thrives; well being.

It’s much better than WHO definition, which says a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. [Spiritual well-being term is missing.]

The Hindi word of Healthy is short and very apt. Swasth स्वस्थ
Self-Centred, Stable in Self, Self-Conscious, Self- Aware.

2nd Chapter, Your Body is not a machine.

#Water Experiment shows that it receives and stores emotions. [Japanese Researcher Masaru Emoto, an article published in the journal of scientific exploration 2008]. Bless Water before making it part of you. Delhi based Cardiologist Dr. Mohit Gupta also recommends it.

Kelly Turner, a Harvard educated cancer Researcher spent nearly 10 years analyzing 1000+ cases & interviewing 100+ cases of cancer which survived despite all odds. Many among them were Stage 4 (Pancreatic, Lung, Neuroblastoma) cancer. She found 75 factors for Radical/Spontaneous Remission. Among them, 7 factors are related to Emotion, mind and spirituality.


1) Taking Control of Health. Be Responsible.
2) Releasing suppressed emotions. [It’s OK to cry.] Let it go.
3) Increase Positive Emotions [by EFT Affirmations/ Mirror Work/ Dance Therapy]
4) Embracing Social Support. Search Good, optimistic people; befriend them; Spend time with them. (Man who forgot to die: Stamatis Moraitis, American of Ikaria, Greece origin survived till 102 years despite the diagnosis of terminal lung cancer)
5) (Meditation, YogaNidra =>) Follow Intuition.
Intuition is the message from Higher Intelligence.
6) Deepen your Spiritual Connections. Read Gita/ other Spiritual text daily or, Listen.
7) Have a Strong Reason for Living. [Serving Society/humanity or, Creating an art form or, Writing a Book or, Caring for a younger one etc.]

#LorenzoCohen Book #Anticancer Living

Key points

1. Against the popular hypothesis, Gene doesn’t control biology. Gene makes a specific protein as per the signal from the environment.
Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton who was also a Medical College Professor cloned STEM CELLS way back in 1968 and found DNA were making different proteins according to the content of the culture medium. More than the Gene, it’s the signal from the environment of cells processed through the membrane of cells that are responsible for the expression of Gene. The mind perceives the environment. So, our perception plays a key role. This is known as Epigenetics. With the Awareness/Knowledge of Epigenetics, the Prognosis of the hereditary disease can be improved. 

2. Thought, Feeling & Emotion of Mind affects the chemistry of Body. The Body is a Subconscious mind. Feelings are the language of the body. – Dr. Joe Dispenza,
#Neuroplasticity Meditation Expert, Author of 4 Books. Joe says he had the privilege to get run over by an SUV and experience spine fracture. Against the normal medical protocol of surgery, he refused it.

Dr. Joe Dispenza Healed himself through Meditation, Heart Coherence and 3D- Visualization.

3. We should never suppress our emotions. It becomes a blockage in the body. Express yourself aptly.
It’s OK to feel pain, it’s ok to cry.
Accept the situation.
Osho’s Dynamic Meditation, Acupuncture, Breathwork, EFT, EMDR, Reflexology, Sound Therapy etc. helps in releasing the suppression.

4th Chapter. The Placebo Effect, belief & Perception
#Placebo = inactive molecule working as medicine, due to the faith.

#Nocebo = harmful effect even death due to the fearful belief. Joan Borysenko shares a case story of a person having stage 4 lung cancer. the doctor said, the life of 6 weeks. he died in 6 weeks. Later, it was found it was a diagnosis mistake. His slide doesn’t reveal a sign of cancer. (pg no.75)

#Educate yourself. Crosscheck diagnosis.
Learn to make your own prognosis, by exploring the rising field of alternative CAM – Energy Medicine, Sound healing etc. We are living in a world of Infinite/Quantum possibilities.

Miracle Mile: For a long time, it was believed it’s impossible to run a mile under 4 minutes. Britain’s Roger Bannister set his mind to break this record. In 2 yr of time, he was able to achieve this feat.
Interestingly, within a few weeks, many other runners were running a mile under 4 minutes. (Similarly, You can make up your mind to do something new.)

5th Chapter. The Disease of Resistance
Key Points:
1. The disease is a Messenger.
2. We need to listen to the message it brings.
3. To Listen, We need to ACCEPT the present condition of Body-Mind. Understand the issues, But Focus on the Healing Possibilities. Stop talking about the problems repeatedly.
4. Learn Language of the Body/Subconscious Mind (Feeling, Emotions). Learn any one or, more self-Healing methods like Progressive Muscle Relaxation, (Yoga Nidra, Breathwork,) Self-Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotic programming, Psych-K, Theta Healing etc.
5. A Health crisis can be a wake-up call. Experience of Anita Moorjani, Joe Dispenza, Morris Goodman reveals so. Anita Moorjani has survived stage 4 cancer of the lymphatic system- Hodgkin Lymphoma. Dr. Joe Dispenza experienced a Thoracic spine fracture. He healed himself through Meditation, 3-D Visualization & FEELisualization. Joe Dispenza has written four books including, Evolve your Brain (2007) & Becoming Supernatural (2017).
Morris Goodman survived a plane crash, total paralysis by will-power and Imagination.
Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD Surgeon who operated on many cancer patients says, There is no incurable disease. But, an incurable person i.e. those people who are not open to listen, learn and let go. A Book of Miracles

Chapter 6. Food & Nature as Medicine
5 Key points
1. Have regional and seasonal foods.
2. Focus more on fruits, vegetables, salad, smoothie, juice, sprouts, nuts, berries, legumes.
3. Fasting twice in a month &/ Intermittent Fasting helps in detoxification (autophagy). It boosts immunity. Bacteria comes over only rotting things as you have observed if kitchen waste attracts flies if it remains for a long time.
Intermittent fasting means, Eat only in an eight-hour window. eg. Breakfast at 10 am. Dinner by 6 pm. Not eating after sunset is great practice, also prevalent in many jains.
4. Forest-Bath (shinrin-yoku) Spending Time near trees reduces stress, boosts the mind. through a chemical released by trees phytoncide. A Researcher named Dr. Eva Selhub published a research article on the same in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, March 2017.

5. Dr. Robert Ulrich studied the recovery of patients after surgery at suburban Pennsylvania hospital and found Patients who looked at Leafy trees got healed faster. The article has been published in Scientific American magazine.
Gregg Braden says Spending time in nature and in mountains makes blood relatively more alkaline. [Normal pH of Blood is 7.4] In many diseases, it has been found, Blood becomes slightly acidic. Natural Foods- Fruits & Spending Time in Nature is enough to bring back the balance.

Chapter 7. Taping the Intangible
Connecting Divine Power of Healing.
1. Spirituality and Science both have the same objective, exploring the unknown. A debate between them is unnecessary.
2. Meditation is a relatively cost-free way of healing. There are numerous tracks of guided meditation freely available online. [Personally, I recommend, Watching Spiritual Reality… journey within to understand the theory and effects of Meditation, Breath mindfulness Anapanasati Meditation.]
3. Decluttering emotional baggage is necessary. It lightens the body and mind. it’s ok to cry if you’re feeling hurt. Learn the lesson and don’t cry for the same reason. Moreover, Surrender to Higher Divine Power. Follow Divine Message, which can be heard within. Shut your eyes (Meditate), so you can see through your heart.
4. Learn to Set Intention. We are masters of our Thoughts, Feelings and Energy. We can cause an effect by #HeartBrainCoherence after Developing Clarity and prioritizing one intention.
5. Learn to dwell in elevated emotions like Bliss, Feeling WHOLE, Joy, LOVE & GRATITUDE.
Kelly shares a testimonial at Class of Michael Beckwith, where a person heals his kidney by thanking it daily every time he visits the washroom.

David Hamilton shares 5 techniques of Visualization like fish/pokemon nibbling the tumour outgrowth. Bombardment of LIGHTNING and cracking the tumour. (Prof. Jeanne Achterberg )

The University of Washington Human interface lab developed a virtual reality game for pain reduction. People in the burn unit played a game, SnowWorld where their wounds are getting cleaned. Study shows, in most cases, the pain was reduced by more than half when the patients were playing a game in the imaginary world.
#HEALBook by Kelly Noonan Gores (2019, Atria Books)
It’s an excellent Book, has Great Content.
In the 2nd Edition of this Book, I wish Kelly interviews Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, Cardiologist Pim Van Lommel, Psychiatry Prof. Bruce Greyson, Dr. Brian Weiss and Robert Schwartz as well.
Pim Van Lommel is studying NDE Near Death Experience Phenomenon for 20 years; has published articles in Medical Journal.
Eben Alexander is my most favourite Consciousness Scientist and Activist. He experienced Heaven/Higher World in the coma. Has written 3 books and 2 articles in PubMed.
Bruce Greyson is Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia; Started IANDS Conference in 1978.
Dr Brian Weiss is Father of PLRT Past Life Regression Therapy, has authored 7 best selling books including Through Time Into Healing.
Robert Schwartz explored pre-birth Soul Planning in his 2 books, Your Soul’s Plan & Your Soul’s Gift first through Medium Now, through IBSL In-Between-Soul Life Regression.

Dr. S. Ranjan
Medical Acupuncturist & Futurist



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