Science of Healthy Living

Being Healthy and, Living a Healthy Life is quite easy, easier than most of us think. Just You need to understand the Science of Consciousness.

Consciousness is the State of Being. What we are & What we feel about what we are.

Learn to Operate your Life from the highest state of consciousness you know.
This is the main formula for Living a healthy life.

For Being Healthy, Learn to work upon your mind esp. Subconscious Mind (Emotions and belief patterns) and, your qi energy.

Mind is Healthy if it is aligned with the Higher element i.e. Meaning and Purpose of Life. which is described as Causal Body in Taittiriya Upanishad & as Dharma in Bhagavad Gita.

There is no incurable disease. – Dr Bernie Siegel, Surgeon & Author, ‘ Peace, Love & Healing’

Most Surgeries are placebo surgery. – Ian harris, Senior Surgeon, Australia

There are 3 types of Prana before entering the body
1) Cosmic Prana – Flows through central Sushumna Nadi during delta phase of Meditation. There are seven energy centres in Sushumna Nadi. Yin-Yang

2) Solar prana – flows in yang meridians like St, GB & UB.  mainly in leg and back.
3) Earth Prana – flows in Yin meridians like Ht, PC & Lu. mainly in arms & abdomen. 

Inside the body, Prana is of 5 types – Prana, Apana, Samana, Vyana & Udana.

One should Sit in Meditation twice a day to harness the optimum amount of cosmic prana. Prana flows through the Pineal gland into neural plexus which are also associated with endocrine glands.

Being in Sunlight 15 min. – 30 min. is the easiest way to harness sun prana. Massaging specific acupoint, Colour Therapy and, mental invocation are the other means.

Being in Greenary, hugging a tree, walking barefoot is the easiest way to harness earth prana.
Through Food, we take sun & earth prana only.
By Being in Gamma state for reasonably sufficient time, an advanced sadhak can harness prana directly. Such Yogi can live mainly on prana and, come to known as a breatharian.
Jasmuheen is Breatharian for 25 years.
Her students Akahi & Ray Maor are also breatharian.


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